Adult Modeling Jobs
Nude Models, Fetish Models, Webcam Models, Lingerie Models, Internet Models

Adult Modeling — Sexy Modeling — Erotic Modeling — XXX Modeling — Glamour Models
Adult modeling jobs may involve explicit nudity, implied nudity or no nudity at all. What they have in common is the goal of producing filmic or photographic content for an adult audience. Adult modeling is a huge arena with a wide range of employers, from independent solo photographers to multi-million dollar corporations. Some employers may identify themselves as part of the adult entertainment industry while others may be involved in projects seeking to reach diverse sectors of the economy.

Adult Performing Jobs
Actors/Actresses (hard), Amateurs, Actors/Actresses (soft), Clip Performers, Reality Performers, Dom/Sub Performers

Adult Performing — Sexy Performing — Erotic Performing — XXX Performing — DOM Performers
Adult performing jobs may or may not require nudity, but they all involve acting in a sexy manner, whether live or recorded. A performing job could utilize an audio format, such a phone entertainer job. It could utilize a visual format, such as a club dancer. It could even utilize both, such as a porn actor/actress. Or it might utilize a purely electronic format, such as a text chat operator. What all performing jobs have in common is that they require entertaining others.

Adult Professional Jobs
Phone Entertainers, Fansite Services, Exotic Dancers, Text Chat Operators, Miscellaneous

Adult Professional — Sexy Professional — Erotic Professional — XXX Professional
Adult professional jobs are non-performing jobs. They involve carrying out a lawful activity or skill for a client, such as recruiting, assisting, roleplay, companionship or massage therapy. They can take place both within and outside of the adult entertainment industry. Training or prior experience is usually required for this class of employment.

Adult Support Jobs
Talent Recruiters, Makeup Artists, Managers

Adult Support — Sexy Support — Erotic Support — XXX Support — Booking Agent
Adult support jobs take place “behind the scenes” of an adult entertainment event. Examples of support jobs include makeup artists, drivers, bookers and security personnel. Training or prior experience may or may not be required for this class of employment.

Adult Technology Jobs
Photographers, Webmasters/IT, Production Staff, Editors/Writers, Graphic Artists, Social Media Experts

Adult Technology — Sexy Technology — Erotic Technology — XXX Technology
Adult technology jobs utilize computer hardware/software, audio-visual equipment and other specialized tools in order to produce, enhance or distribute adult-oriented content. They take place “behind the scenes” of an adult entertainment event. Training or prior experience is generally required for this class of employment.

Other Stuff
Shoot Locations, Products/Services, Top 50 Jobs, Work from Home, Newest Jobs

Other Stuff — Office Space — Uncategorized Jobs — Products and Services
Other stuff is a catch-all category for various listings that don’t fit anywhere else. They may include Anything from Various Jobs and opportunities, paid travel and or Office space/ shoot location rentals ECT.

Adult Porn Jobs
Actors/Actresses (hard), Amateurs, Actors/Actresses (soft), Clip Performers, Reality Performers, Dom/Sub Performers

Adult Porn — Adult Video — Adult XXX — Adult Erotica
Adult Porn Jobs involve performing in front of the camera for the production of filmic or photographic pornography or erotica. These type of jobs usually require portraying sexual acts. The manner of the portrayal may range from explicit (hardcore) to suggestive (softcore) to unscripted situations that document actual events (reality).

Adult BDSM Jobs

Adult BDSM — Adult Dominance & Submission — Adult Bondage & Discipline — Adult Kink
Adult BDSM Jobs involve changing of one's behavior to act out an adopted role for a client. These jobs typically have a fetish, fantasy, bondage, discipline, domination or submission theme. For instance, a person might act out the role of a nurse, maid, dominatrix or goddess. Training or prior experience is generally required for this class of employment.

Behind-the-Scenes Adult Jobs
Photographers, Admin/Office Staff, Makeup Artists, Webmasters/IT, Products/Services, Managers, Production Staff, Editors/Writers, Club/Bar Staff, Graphic Artists, Sales/Marketing, Social Media Experts

Behind-the-Scenes Adult Jobs take place behind the camera of an adult entertainment event rather than in front of it. New entrants to the adult industry may prefer to start off in this capacity as they learn about the business. Adult Support Jobs and Adult Technology Jobs are two broad categories of employment that both take place behind the scenes.

Jobs by Location

Top Locations — Top Cities — Top U.S. States — Top Countries
The Jobs by Location page provides a convenient way to search for employers who have their headquarters in specific locations. Popular cities, states and countries are included. However, please keep in mind that many employers hire jobseekers from outside of their local area. To locate these employers, select a job category of interest from the “Find Jobs” button. Then narrow the search to "Wide Area" employers using the drop-down menu. Also, when checking a specific job listing, you will see a highlighted "airplane" icon if the employer is hiring outside of their local area.

Mainstream Jobs
Promo Models, Admin/Office Staff, Bikini Jobs, Club/Bar Staff, Sales/Marketing

Non-Adult Industry Jobs — Keep Your Clothes On Jobs
This multi-faceted category is for Any and all Non Adult related jobs that are offered to our very large and multi-faceted onsite community of jobseekers, most of which who have worked in the mainstream sectors. This may include Sales people, customer service Reps, delivery people, voice over talent for non-adult productions, Actor/Actress non adult productions, mainstream modeling jobs such as a spokesmodels. This category may also include Semi “Sexy jobs” such as Bikini jobs that are not in an adult setting but mainstream settings such as Bikini servers or bartenders, car washes or promo models at conventions ECT just to name a few.