Phone Entertainers
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Phone Entertainer — Phone Actress — Adult Phone Operator — PSO
Phone Entertainers talk to paying customers over the phone about a wide range of topics, including but not limited to sex. Phone entertainers are also referred to as phone actors/actresses, phone sex operators and PSO’s. The most valued attributes of a phone entertainer are his/her voice, acting and roleplay skills, as well as knowing how to respond appropriately to a wide range of customer requests and fetishes. Most phone entertainers take their calls out of their homes, as it is easier for companies to route calls to operators at their homes rather than pay for office space. This is the perfect job for those wanting to be discreet, but this also means you will need to minimize any noise and distractions and have a place where you can speak freely without worrying about others listening. Certain companies also may require that you use a dedicated land line but many are OK with a high quality cell phone and service. Some will also require a head-set and a Laptop/desktop.

Fansite Services
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Fansite Management/Agency — Fansite Chatters — Content Manager — Content Creators
This multi-purpose category may include a variety of fan platform related subjects. It may include new and existing fansites looking to recruit talent to their platform. Agencies looking to provide assistance and administrative services such as fansite Chatters to influencers and content creators. It is also for influencers and content creators looking for “Chatters” or any assistance from companies/ agencies to increase their profits and site rankings and also for Content creators who are looking for models to work with and create content for their fan page. Lastly, this category may be used for those who wish to work for companies hiring fansite managers and Chatters. Typically, this is for those who have a large following but it’s also for those looking to monetize and grow their fanbase. Duties of both service providers and creators may include managing and promoting the influencer or creator's fan account along with the possibility of their social media accounts. This can include advertising, posting new photos and video clips, replying to fans, as well as editing and writing content and making sure the influencers account stays updated.

Exotic Dancers
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Exotic Dancer — Stripper — Lap Dancer — Nude Dancers
An exotic dancer is a Female or Male performer who dances in a seductive and sexually suggestive manner at a strip club or gentlemen's club or Male Strip Revue. This gig may look easy, but most performers work very hard. As a dancer, you will also be expected to work long hours, late into the night. In order to stay fit, you will probably need to work out at a gym or engage in some other cross-training fitness activities. The best way to learn the inverts, hip rolls, and pole dancing that will leave customers panting for more, is to watch and practice. Spend some time in clubs checking out other performers, buy an instructional video, and consider getting a pole for your living room on which you can practice at home. There are also companies offering lessons.

Text Chat Operators
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Text Chat Operator — Text Chatter — Sexting Operator — Sex Chatter
A text chat operator has conversations with paying customers via text messages. Typically, these conversations are sexually explicit, but they can also be mildly flirtatious, merely suggestive or even cover mundane topics. Most text chat operators work out of their homes, as it is cheaper for companies to hire independent contractors than pay for office space. This means you will need to minimize any distractions and have a place where you can focus on incoming messages and be able to respond quickly without any interruptions. Imagination, creativity, and the ability to keep the customer engaged in the conversation are key ingredients to success as a text chat operator.

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Miscellanous Job — Uncategorized Job — Unspecified Job
A miscellaneous job is a job for which the duties and responsibilities do not fit neatly into traditional categories or the categories of this website. This could be because the job description is not typical and does not fit a specific description, or it can be a combination of several jobs in one.