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Economy Account

This package includes access to the talent database. However, it does NOT include a job listing.

Many jobseekers prefer replying to employers with job listings on the site, so we recommend that you choose a package that includes an ad for best results.

Of course, you can always decide to upgrade to a package that includes a job listing if you prefer to start out with an economy account.

This package permits up to 100 emails per day to jobseekers. Intensive users should select a Bold Ad, Banner Ad or Premium account, which allow up to 400 messages per day.

Premium Ad: Appears above all other ad types, 468x60 banner and 'Premium' icon, Bold text, Highlighted to attract attention.
Banner Ad: Appears above Bold and Text ads, 468x60 banner, Bold text.
Text Ad: Appears below the other ad types, No banner, No bold ad.

  • Economy

    No job listing
    1 employer portfolio
    Only visible to contacts
    Banner not included
    100 messages/day
    No First Look Option

  • Text Ad

    1 job listing
    Below the bold ads
    Regular text display
    Banner not included
    100 messages/day
    No First Look option

  • Bold Ad

    Best Value

    1 job listing
    Above the text ads
    Bold text display
    Banner not included
    400 messages/day
    First Look option

  • Banner Ad

    1 job listing
    Above the bold ads
    Bold text display
    468 x 60 banner
    400 messages/day
    First Look option

  • Premium Ad

    1 job listing
    Above all other ads
    Bold text, highlighted + icon
    468 x 60 banner
    400 messages/day
    First Look included
    120 x 60 sitewide logo

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Reasons to Join SexyJobs

  • The original adult employment site - since 1998
  • The largest adult talent database on the internet
  • “More traction than any of its half dozen competitors”
  • 118,099 jobseekers with searchable resumes
  • Long-term accounts to save you more money
  • Accounts start at just $28.95 per month
  • Flexible employer packages to fit any size budget
  • Modify your ad as your recruitment needs change
  • Tracking feature to monitor your ad's performance
  • All ads includes membership to online talent database
  • Change ad categories as many times as you want
  • Ads rotate continuously for optimal exposure

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It's free to check the talent in advance. Once registered, you are able to contact the talent directly to negotiate the best terms. Employers who may benefit include photographers seeking fresh faces, webmasters wanting exclusive content, producers shooting actors/actresses, audiotext companies hiring psos, studios seeking webcam models, recruiters searching for newcomers, bars and clubs booking entertainers, reality shows casting performers, and adult companies hiring support staff. If you have further sales questions, click here.

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