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Janet Briseno“Thank you very much Sean, you've been doing a great job taking care of me. Your site along with your help has brought me tons of opportunities as you can see how fast I made it to the top of the 50 hottest females, in a matter of days. Thanks again and keep up the good work!!!!”
rliza“yes, i got many calls from this site but do beware of scammers. i was asked to send $100.00 thru western union to a guy and i sent a very explict pic. u just need to be aware cause he like many others r good @ taking advantage. just look out.”
Gemini Tiger“I've been a registered jobseeker for more than 5 years now, and I appreciate all the jobs that get sent my way as a result. You guys have created a great website, and I want to say thanks right back atcha!”
tawny“great site, helped a lot! thank you :)”
mosh“Love it ”
Sarah“Hello, my name is Sarah, Im 20 years old, and I have been a member of your site for almost a year and a half now:) I love this site, it has opened up lots of doors and amazing opportunities for me... the jobs posted on your site have really been well paying, legitimate jobs. I applaud your site, as this is one of the most well known websites in the adult industry! Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of your awesome site:) ”
Jocelyn“I had my profile on your website for it seemed only days and then the responses were Fabulous, Now I can satisfy all my urges, fantasies and desires! I just want to thank you and your staff for being so helpful and professional. I can go to the Caymans now, will put my resume back up when I return! Lots of Love!”
Savannah“Sexyjobs is the best and I am so happy to have land a job doing what I really wanted to do. My Employers worked with me wonderfully and I am so excited.”
Stefano“Frost Models was able to hook me up with a ton of gay porn work. I was shocked at how fast I received my first booking request and I was even happier when they sent two more over in the following weeks. One was from a high paying studio I never even heard of so I can certainly say I would of never landed that gig if I wasn't a Frost Model. Totally Recommend! ”
Samantha S“If there is ever any promotional work that you would like done in my demographic, just say the word, I am a big fan of sexyjobs! Thank You for your priceless time and attention once again. And as always, be well.”
Jim“Thank you for accepting my ad. You have done a great job with this website, I already have received some offers.”
Shawnee“Just let me say thank u so much. You're a life saver and you're fast too!!! ”
Mandie“It worked very well actually. I was still getting responses. The industry is always looking for new women. No real feedback needed; I found that the ad produced very good results. Thanks for your inquiry.”
Becca“I was able to get one role through the site and wanted to thank you and Sexy Jobs for that! Becca ”
Roger Cruise“It's amazing see all these beautiful women! I wanna work with all! #waitingtobehired!”
Fred“THANK YOU! I am signed up and will take calls soon! Thanks for such a sophisticated and easy system! You got a winner with this service!”
hot shawnee“sexyjobs has been a wonderful experience and i appreciate your service.”
Katerina“Thank you sooo much. I get about 65% of my business from my ad here. Love ya. MEOW, Katerina of Las Vegas.”
Cubo Azúcar “I cannot believe the amount of networks, connections and MONEY I have made thru Sexyjobs. The producers and recruiters are great!”
Michelle Christian“Thanks for inviting me to join I have gotten alot of job offers from people, because of my posting in your site. Kisses, Michelle Christian.”
Sara“Thank you for making a site so easy to use. Thanks for not making it a hassle to delete myself. ”
Vanessa Vines“Please keep my account open! i dont want to lose my standing. i love your site and plan to keep my ad with you for a long time!!!! thanks in advance.”
Zena Rey“Chico Dirty white boy was a pleasure to work with professional and would do it again! ”
Denisex“Thanks to I've managed to receive a plethora of job offers. In the Adult Employment Industry shows that it has a "Touch of Class"...”
Tiffany DeBanga“I had my profile on your website for almost three days and got a plethora of responses from employers within that short amount of time. I just want to thank your staff for being efficient, helpful and professional.”
Julie Alley“I've gotten a great response from and am very pleased! I have a photo-shoot tomorrow from a lead from Sexy Jobs again.”
Hawley Havok“As soon as I signed up on SexyJobs, my messages exploded with legit responses to my resume. Thank you”
Taryn“The ad has been helpful and i have already made the connection i wanted with an agency, so i want to take the ad down so i stop getting bombarded with e-mails. Please remove my ad when you get the chance. Idon't know if you know which one it is but it is on the "Find Talent" female escort page with the picture i have attached to this e-mail. Thank you.”
Kathy Jean“I appreciate the high level of professionalism at, and the seriousness with which you take this business. The features, information detail, and organization are just staggering - very impressive. Best, Kathy”
madelin“This site is wonderful, very helpful. I hope I can re-post my resume in the future. Thanks! ”
Bobby Banger“Have been booked through and will accept bookings here again!”
Denisex“I am truly impressed with the amount of job offers that I'm getting.Thank you so much Sexy jobs,you are the best!!!”
Sheila“I found the job I was looking for, everyone who contacted me was polite and friendly, and the ad kept working for months. Great job! I've recommended your site as a "first stop" to other people interested in finding phone sex jobs. Thanks for your help!”
Kimberly“ I got a job already so you guys are really great Thanks!”
Corey“I would like to thank you for having a wonderful web page. I have gotten lots of work from being on here, keep up the good work, AKA corey. ”
Brett“I just currently deleted my resume and I would like to tell you that the site is great and was a very big help. I broke into the business as a single male, much faster and easier than I thought it was going to be. Thank you again.”
Dimitar“I love this website”
Lori“Web site was great. It was just the ticket, just the market (PSO) that I was looking for. It made it very easy to contact the top companies. Thank you all!! ”
Shara“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your site and the traffic it has produced for myself. Since signing onto your site I have has several offers for photos, video and a varity of work. I have hooked up with a agent out of New York and have already been there and done my first photo shoot and am working on getting a couple of movies going. I would not have made contact with these persons if it wasn't for your site. Thanks you!”
Jillie“Dear Ana, hi sweetie can you please remove this ad from your website. Thank you so very much. I found another cool job from someone who emailed me from here.”
Annabelle“Very good website, it helps me get a lot of good propositions :) Thank you! ”
RickMadrid“You are great... finding all sorts of good talent agencies that are not racial divided to Latino Performers. GREAT!!! network!!”
Cassandra“I did find the employment I was seeking from your site and I loved the feature of only showing my resume to those I businesses I applied to. ”
Rozayy“I'm in Miami thanks to opportunity from this site I'll be in. Miami a month and im taking bookings from here only”
Jorden Camilo“I found this app really useful.”
Cleona“I have been on this site for only one month now after someone told me to sign up. I am grateful to have this industry and all the good people who support models and actors. Without this generous community of creative minds I wouldn’t be where I want to be. So thank you for creating jobs for those interested in this type of works. ”
Kitty Gizelle“Thanks for all the help making my dream life come true ”
xyra xy“Thanks a lot....I got lots of job offers. Your site is great!!!!!”
Naughty nicki“I had the pleasure of working with Rex Ringo productions today very comfortable The vibes were great he catered to all my needs as far as location and distance and area so I was really happy ladies check them out”
Robbin Young “I just wanted to say THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of your site. I'm a newbie/virgin in the Adult Industry, and since I've joined on 3-18-11, I've received a LOT of requests for modeling and acting work. When I win my 1st AVN Award (hoping) I'll be sure and mention your website. ;) ”
Elizabeth“Hi I just wanted to say thank you all very much. Within a hour of posting my resume on I was receiving calls from employers. One of them was an option of a life time... it feels great. THANK YOU!”
Carey S“Hey, thanks for having me on your site. I have received unbelievable opportunities in all areas of the Adult Industry just from your site.”
Simone“Thank you sexy jobs. Found employment with a very professional and friendly company. I made good money and will be working with them in the future. TouchNola is a very safe, fun, and supportive group to work with and I'm glad I found them through you.”
Isabel Tigers“Please cancel my Gold membership and email me to confirm my termination of my Gold account. I have found employment!”
KitehKawasaki “I'm #KitehKawasaki and I find my dreamjobs @sexyjobs : ) Thanks, SexyJobs ® !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
AndreaX2000“Thank you - despite the pandemic, I can look for good job offers. ”
Ashleigh AKA Alice Wonder“I just wanted to thank you for the site. I have been using it for 5 years to get work in the adult industry, and technically it was because of your site I fell into the film aspect of it! So again, just wanted to thank you for provding such a resourceful site! ”
Michelle B“Just wanted to thank your company for the excellent service you provided. I recently removed my resume from your site; however, I may post it again in the future if I need to. Your website has been very helpful and I'm grateful that there is such a site where I can post my resume and find employers at the same time for free! Once again, thank you very much. Keep up the good work.”
Diana Mothersell“I signed up a day ago and already I am being contacted by agencies. Thanks Sexy and I have recommended you to one of my friends too.”
ocropoid“SexyJobs is great!”
Lynn“You're site is awesome!!! I have been looking for places to get a phone actress job, and I found multiple opportunities on your site. I stopped looking when I came here! Why couldn't I find this site a few months back when I quit my old job? Sayonara, receptionist work! Serious money is on the way thanks to you! Please keep up the good work!”
Calista Cum“Thank you very much for your prompt attention. You guys are terrific! Your customer service beats your competition by far and my brief membership got me so exposed that I have gained five additional companies for pso work, so thank you very much for the terrific service that your company provides! I wouldn't have been able to gain these jobs without! Thank you for being there for gals like me when we need more exposure! I will tell all of my friends out there.”
Samantha Sinclair“Thanks soooooooo much Ana- YOU ROCK! If there is ever anything I can do -let me know- I have given all the girls at the club sexyjobs' info and about 30 have signed up, so I try like hell to promote for you guys since you KICK OMP's ASS! ....All my best”
alycia moore“I loved the website! it really helped me find the type of work I was looking for, and it happend quickly. I don't feel that anything could help this website enhance itself anymore. is the best!!! Thank You for a great and free opportunity. *Precious*”
Mia Rider“This is long over due, but better late than never, I'm living proof of that! And I am so thankful I found SexyJobs via Google back in 2011 when I first came onto the LA porn scene from all the way across the country in SC. Thanks to SexyJobs I connected with my very first agent that gave me an opportunity to visit SoCal for the very first time and work as much as I wanted to. 21 shoots in 21 days I returned back to the east coast where I stayed until my next trip to SoCal 6 months later, but continued to successfully find reputable video work as well as glam modeling work fairly consistently since my resume has been active till now and even in the east coast it was very useful. I couldn't imagine how many shoots I would've missed out on if it weren't for SexyJobs including my very first trip to Cali. Thank you SexyJobs!”
Beth“Thank you and merry christmas to all. And your services made it so I saved my home thanks. Beth”
Karen“I just wanted to thank you so much for your website, as I just received a job as an escort! I placed the ad and received two responses in the first weeks. Thanks again for the service you provide.”
Nikkilee“Thanks for the prompt service!!! As for the site, I found it simple and user friendly to use! I was impressed with the quality of most of the responses I received! And I didnt even advertise in the pay section, which probably would have gotten me many more quality situations to look into? Thanks again for your kindness and prompt service on my request!”
Lisa“You are awesome! You and your staff are the greatest!! Thanks for being patient with me and honoring all my requests. ”
Susan K“Thank you for providing such a quick, efficient, and helpful job site. It has definitely exceeded my expectations - it's great : )”
Lilly“This site has helped me so much. I appreciate everything it has done and so glad it's around.”
lisa boggan“Thank you so much for all your time and help!!I appreciate it lots!! ”
iesha“I like this website it was easy to use.. i had sooo many calls from the first day i posted my resume.. i would recommend this site to anyone.. n would definantly use it again if needed in the future.. ”
veronica“i love your site. i posted my resume on friday and had 20 job offers that afternoon. i have been trying to find a job for months i wish i had come across your site sooner ”
Karen Kelly“I appreciate your fast customer service - you guys kick ass compared to OMP... try reaching a human there - not fun ;0) Thanks again. ”
Tasy/Black Amber“I have been using this platform for a while over a year and I love it.”
Alexis“I just want to say thank you for the site it really helped. I found a good job. ”
Bruni dick“Best site ever! Received good opportunities, but I'm still looking! Thank you. Ps: could have a chat session!”
Lisa“I just wanted to thank everyone for this absolutely, wonderful experience. I gained everything I was hoping for with none of the headaches. You guys are great. Thank you for helping me find the perfect position. Good luck to you all and your future with this great site! ”
Lucky “i just deleted my resume. i'll be back to join and i love your site. ”
Marie“I must tell you that your site has allowed me to get so much work that I can not handle any more! I have established a steady flow of work, and I am not able to grant any more requests. To save me from hundreds of e-mails I can't answer, please remove my ad. Thank you for all your help.”
Kimberly Hill“I would like to thank sexyjobs for at least having the hook up to employers and dream fulfillers. The responses came quick. The only thing is that all the employers are not fully screened. I was scammed. Thank you SEXYJOBS!!!”
Lacey“Even though I am overweight, new with no experience I have had the best job offers I could imagine. The last being a modeling job and since they want me to be exclusive I am taking my profile down. Thanks So Much! Lacey”
Shelly Lace“ I just wanted to say that i have landed a job with a company and its getting ready to take me there so thank you and if i need you again i will be here! ”
Emily“Hi Ana, first of all bravo on a wonderful site! I have gotten a job and I really like the people that I am working for. Thanks a bunch!”
bee“I have been on SexyJobs awhile and sean and his other associates are great and helpful and also very attentive to emails and things. They have tremendous job leads and do care a lot. I recommend it for searching for jobs and as a company looking to hire and it has grown alot. 5 stars to them.”
David Arth“I met professionnal team, at the same time safe and serious contract but also lot of fun with hot guys and girls as I'm bisexual ”