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Rachel Lena's Public Photo (SexyJobs ID# 288509)

Rachel LenaLast updated Jan. 16, 2017

25-year-old ts/tv in Olympia/seattle, Washington, United States  

Seeking to explore my interest in the adult entertainment industry. Have worked for last 3 months as webcam model. Especially interested in BDSM/Bondage scenes or photo shoots

Zyra Rose's Public Photo (SexyJobs ID# 272701)

Zyra RoseLast updated Jan. 16, 2017

25-year-old ts/tv in Fort Collins, Colorado, United States  

Hello my name is Ahri, i am tall with long legs, and a younger complexion. i am just starting out in the adult industry, so have a lack of experience. i am looking to enter the industry to find more stable income and to pay for surgeries.

Sissy Courtney's Public Photo (SexyJobs ID# 234042)

Sissy CourtneyLast updated Jan. 16, 2017

35-year-old ts/tv in Syracuse, New York, United States  

I'm a sissy crossdresser. I am all bottom so I do what a girl would do. I do not top, nor do I receive oral. I'm very submissive and open to many fetishes including, bondage, flogging, watersports, gangbangs, bukkake, DP, interracial, humiliation, and public sex.

Princess Of Persia's Public Photo (SexyJobs ID# 292033)

Princess Of PersiaLast updated Jan. 16, 2017

25-year-old ts/tv in Dayton, Ohio, United States  

Hi. I'm an Iranian trans woman. None operation !I'm so friendly and sweet to work with. I have some experiences . I'm ready to work !

Ts Jessie Cox's Public Photo (SexyJobs ID# 292044)

Ts Jessie CoxLast updated Jan. 16, 2017

32-year-old ts/tv in Medford, Oregon, United States  

I am a transitioning female. I have been on hormones for not quite a year now. I am very feminine and sexy! I maybe a little older but I certainly do not look like it. I have silky smooth soft flawless skin. A perfect little girly ass and I have skills that I would love to share.…

Sydney Farron's Public Photo (SexyJobs ID# 290060)

Sydney FarronLast updated Jan. 15, 2017

31-year-old ts/tv in Jacksonville, Florida, United States  

All natural, fully-functional, versatile TS actress. I'm an excellent top who has no difficulty performing on cue, and I'm known for producing very large cum shots. In fact, I've never shot a scene without one! I'm frequently called upon by studios that mus…

Princess Pandora's Public Photo (SexyJobs ID# 290381)

Princess PandoraLast updated Jan. 15, 2017

31-year-old ts/tv in Cockeysville, Maryland, United States  

I am a transgender with average passing ability. I have no actual sex job experience, but am willing and desire to learn! I would like to discuss any offers in detail so I understand what I'm expected to do properly. My main objective to further fund my transition and go…

Miss Victoria's Public Photo (SexyJobs ID# 241150)

Miss VictoriaLast updated Jan. 15, 2017

35-year-old ts/tv in London, Essex, United Kingdom  

Hello, I'm Victoria A very genuine and friendly person, in much need of a job i will be very hard working and reliable no matter what i do and i'm a quick learner, I would be so grateful of any kind of work. Please get back and you will get a prompt reply Thankyou …

Sexy Lexy Cd's Public Photo (SexyJobs ID# 287285)Gallery for registered employers

Sexy Lexy CdLast updated Jan. 15, 2017

39-year-old ts/tv in San Diego, California, United States  

I am really good at being personable and making people feel comfortable. I am quite skilled in sexual relations. I'm versatile bottom. I've worked already and know how to handle myself as an escort. I love sexy clothes, lingerie, tight dresses and I look pretty hot in A…

Cat Xelda Chaki's Public Photo (SexyJobs ID# 267975)

Cat Xelda ChakiLast updated Jan. 15, 2017

22-year-old ts/tv in Medina, Ohio, United States  

I want to make it big in the porn industry, and I have the drive to do so. it is something i've been very interested in for a long time.

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