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Stage Name Evelyn Summers
Location Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Age/Sex 30 year old bi male
Ethnicity Black
Desired Job Model, Actor/Actress, Phone Sex Operator, Text Chat Operator, Webcam Performer, Dancer, Companion, Security/Driver
Acting Genres Softcore, Hardcore, G/G, IR, Anal, Solo
Modeling Genres Nude/Erotic, Fetish, Lingerie, Glamour/Fashion, Promotional, Internet
Body Type Thin
Height/Weight 6 Feet 0 Inches, 130 - 140 lbs
Hair/Eyes Black/Brown
Measurements Chest 36"     Waist 26"     Shoe 12"    
Body Alteration Piercings: 2
Experience Some experience
Representation Seeking representation
Languages English, German
Nudity Okay? Yes
Willing to travel for the right job
Relocate? Not able to relocate for work
About Me Trans•ves•tite
noun tran(t)s-ˈves-ˌtīt, tranz-

- A person, typically a MAN, who derives pleasure from dressing in clothes appropriate to the opposite sex. -

Hi Everyone!

My name is Andre' and this is my attempt @ TRYING to explain who I am & What I'm about. I am what you call a "Perfect CD"( Perfect Cross dresser ). I am a FULL-TIME cross-dresser for which lives his life "En Femme" 100% of the time, but I DO NOT identify as Female or TS/TG (I'm MALE hunni bunnies). I am the "perfect illusion"...And what this means, is that I dress like a woman...I do very womanly things....and my APPEARANCE is that of a woman.

and my story goes like this :).......

I am a very Intelligent & Fun loving EXTREMELY Feminine guy ( I Have Breast Implants..How feminine can a guy get!..haha ), for which enjoys life to the ABSOLUTE fullest!

Just some FYI about me: I am VERY Intelligent, Super Compassionate, Understanding, I have Black Hair, Brown Eyes, 140lbs, 6Ft 0In (...6'5 in Heels..I love my 5' Heels....hehehehe) I have bountiful 36D Breasts just like a woman...a 26" Waist just like a woman...35" Hips...Legs for days..& an ass that just wont quit!! I like to Cook & Take long drives through the Western states. ( I LOVE to drive!!! ) A Great Sense of humor and Poise, and Lots More!!!!!!

Anyhoo. Thank you for taking the time to read.

P.S. Thank you THANK YOU so much gals & guys for all your wonderful and gracious compliments.

With Much Love & Many Kisses,


Just some F.Y.I.

I LOVE to drive ( In case ya didnt figure that out..lol )

I Cant Have Carl's Jr. Without a Cup Of Cocoa!

I Am VERY Financially Stable ;)

Before Every Road Trip I Stop At Jack In The Box

I Have 800cc Silicone Breast Implants ( Yes, Men can get breast implants too..lol )

I Wear a Lucky Tennis Bracelet on My LEFT Wrist Whenever I Drive Mercedes-Benz

I Cant Have Cheese Enchiladas With Having a Bloody Mary

I Have 250+ Pairs Of High Heel Shoes

I Use The Title of "Mr." Rather than Ms.

I Am ORIGINALLY From Memphis, TN

I Own BOTH a Mercedes S600 AND a BMW 7 Series ;)

I Have a Diploma is BOTH Cosmetology AND Fashion Design & Merchandising ( but NEVER used'em! )

I Have NO Family

My FAVORITE FOOD Genere is Breakfast

I Prefer Cohiba "CHURCHILL" Length Cigars

I SERIOUSLY Dislike People For Which Whom Chew With Their Mouth Open

I Dont Like Socks In the Bed

I Am VERY Proud Of My Bulge :)

I DO Prefer Virginia Slims 120's as My Cigarettes of Choice ;)

I Simply ADORE The Platinum Blonde, High-Maintenance, Pam Anderson Barbie Doll Types :)

I Tend To Buy The MOST Expensive Creams & Moisturizors Available @ The Time

I Wear Dress Size(s) 0 - 4

I Have a NASTY Habit Of Leaving My Keys In The Front Door Of My House ( on the outside!!!! )

I Drink 100% White Tea Only ( As Green Tea stains my expensively bleached white teeth! )

I Have SLIGHT OCD ( always washing my hands after touching things )

Like My Lips, My Breasts are SUPER Soft & Kissable ;)


I Can Code Any BMW From 3/94 Up To 3/2009 ( INPA, NCS Expert, SSS Etc. )

I LOOOOOOOVE To Eat as Well As Cook!

I Have an "M" on My Drivers License & Passport ( And its gunna STAY that way )

I Prefer 15" ( Choker Length ) Necklaces

I LOVE To Help People ( but it gets me into trouble OFTEN )

I Cant Watch HBO's "True Blood" Without My Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Oval Necklace ;)

I Have Worked Out To Denise Austin For 30 Mins a Day Since 2003!

I am VERY Independent ( Dunno if thats good or bad yet..lol )

I Prefer Masculine Pronouns ( He, Him, His, Etc )

I am WELL Educated

I Cant Drive a BMW Without My Lucky Driving Watch!

I Have absolutely NO PROBLEMS With Being Discreet

I LOVE To Honk My Horn @ Cute Girls Walkin Down The Street!

I Can Tie a Bow On a Tiffany Box ( My Biggest accomplishment Ever! )

I Am a Libra ( Unfortunately..Always dealing with OTHER peoples problems )

My Fridge is chocked FULL of Magic Beauty Potions & Lotions & Serums..LOL

I Enjoy Fcuking With My High Heels On ( Its the ONLY time I will allow shoes in bed )

I Have No Pets

I Collect Expensive Handbags/Wallets, Shoes & Flight Jackets as a Hobby

I LOOOOOOOVE Me a Glossy Tire Shine

I Wear ALL My Watches 2 - 3 Sizes Too Big ( REALLY Loose)(Hence why I like wearing MENS Chronograph watches..hehe )

I Live a VERY Lonely Life

I Have a FICO Score of 818 ;)

I Cant Wear Short Shorts Without an Ankle Bracelet

I Use ANY Perfume by Victoria Beckham as Air Freshener In My Luxury Sedan ( Gives Her Just a lil More Life...heehe )

I Work Out 3x a Week

I Have Been Cross Dressing Since I Was 19

I Am 6ft Even w/o Heels...6ft,5/6/7in w/ Heels..( & None of my heels are below 5' ...hehehe )

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis & Victoria Caroline Adams Beckham are my BIGGEST Role Models :)

I REALLY REALLY REALLY love, .925 Sterling Silver ( can we say "Tiffany" ...lol )

I Absolutely LOOOOVE Leggings & Tights!!! ( And YES..I Wear BOTH as pants..hehehe..Sue me! )

I Am a CERTIFIED Aerobics Instructor :) ( Taught Aerobics for 3 Years! )

I Brush My Teeth TWICE a Day

And Other Stuffs I'm sure!!!

& Oh.......Before I forget...... I Would Just Like to CLARIFY One Thing.......

I am NOT a girl or woman or female or TS/TG & Nor will I ever be!!!

There seems to be some confusion somewhere on the subject. I am just a man with tits for which whom enjoys the whole feminine persona....NOTHING MORE!

So please please please DO NOT send me private messages saying "You're such a pretty girl", or "You caught my eye sexy lady",and/or call me "Ma'am, Her, She, Etc.

Just Because I LOOK, SOUND, SMELL, TALK, & FEEL like a woman....DOES NOT MAKE ME A WOMAN.

I am MALE & There is NO amount of surgery or hormones or anything else that will EVER change that! ( I'm just being real )

I STRONGLY believe there is nothing wrong with a guy simply embracing & ENJOYING the fact that he is ULTRA Femme!


Anything OTHER will be Ignored...K :)


Thank You For taking the time to read my profile!




Feminization Procedures Thus Far:

Breast Augmentation Mammoplasty x2 , (5/2006=36C)(5/2007=36DD)

Teeth Whitning/Bleaching

Anal Whitning/Bleaching

Laser Hair Removal ( Face )

Custom Skin Care Routine

Custom Diet

Custom Hydroquinone Treatment


My resume & portfolio are also available upon request.

I have prior experience in the adult entertainment industry by way of Solo Production Scenes. Just Google for TS Evelyn Summers...lol!

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