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Alanah Rae
Porn Stars CenterSeptember 14th, 2008

How did you get into porn? ALANAH: I was working at at strip club in North Carolina, and had a profile on A guy found me and flew me out here, but he was just a pimp. He wanted me to escort for him. So I went back on SexyJobs and found an agency who I thought looked legit. Turns out they were an unlicensed nobody company at the time. They were finding all my jobs on Craigslist. I quickly realized that was the wrong direction for me. They kept trying to send me on shady jobs — Like random creepy guys with video cameras, shooting things they would sell directly to the porn store — Or maybe just keep for themselves. That sort of thing. Somehow they got me hooked-up with Eric Everhard. I met his makeup artist, who got me a job with Reality Kings and also hooked me up with LA Direct. So I’m very grateful to her.

Andi Anderson
3PornstarMovies.comMarch 10th, 2010

Andi Anderson AKA Andi Heart was born of Caucasian Ancestry. At 5'3, 110 lbs her measurements are 34DD-24-34. She has a tattoo of a heart on the right ass cheek. In 2007 she entered the industry and since then she has amassed 11 titles, which include anal facial interracial, anal facial bald, and anal facial bald double penetration swallow. Andi has a hot body featuring nice boobs, flat abs, sensuous thighs, and a nice firm ass. Andi is a wild girl who was frustrated with working hard; as a result she decided to enter the porn biz. She got started in sexy jobs, which lead here to meet Seymore Butts. Following that, she ended up in Breakin' 'Em In 11, which was her first scene, and her first anal scene. Eventually, Andi would like to finish college, and become an RN, but she would like to continue shooting so she can get laid.

Ashli Orion
XCritic.comSeptember 9th, 2010

When and how did you decide to work in the adult business? Ashli Orion: I was 20 years old going to college, working as a TV production person and editor, broke as a joke… I had thought about doing porn since becoming sexually active and knew I had it in me to do it… I lurked sexyjobs dot com for a few months until I finally had the courage to take off my clothes!

Belle Knox
Rolling StoneApril 23rd, 2014

"I Googled 'how to be a porn star,' and all of these agencies popped up. And then there's this website called It's like the of porn." Weeks took a few naked selfies and submitted them, along with her height (five feet four), weight (95 pounds) and a short description ("'I'm a college girl with a naughty side' or something like that"). Within days, she got a call from a company called Facial Abuse that offered to fly her to New York for her first shoot, at a rate of $1,200 per scene.

Brad Star
TheMaleStarBlog.comFebruary 18th, 2012

Brad got his start in porn not all that long ago when he placed an add on and was contacted by a recruiter who hooked him up (no pun intended) with CashModels and got his first role in a movie called “Hotel Hookup.” In one of the interviews I read, Brad said that he only did escorting once (this was at the time of the interview, so who knows if thats still true), and he decided it wasn’t for him. He placed the ad on sexyjobs mainly to find other stripping jobs, which he was already doing and enjoyed.

Bree Daniels
AIPdaily.comJanuary 2nd, 2013

What prompted you to join the adult industry? I saw an ad in a Barely Legal magazine that prompted me to put up a page on I always fantasized about being a Playboy model when I was young, oddly enough, so it just came naturally for me to join the industry and I adore my job.

Bree Olson
XCritic.comOctober 29th, 2010

How did you get into the adult industry? I looked it up on the internet on and someone contacted me and within a few days, I left college and my desk job, and flew for the first time ever on a plane to California.

Britney Young
BareList.comOctober 18th, 2012

How and when did you get into the adult industry? I was telling a friend that I wanted to do some modeling, and she told me about sexyjobs. I put my pictures up on the site and a bunch of adult agencies were contacting me, it took me two months to make up my mind and come to California, but I’m glad I did.

Cali Carter
Mens Mag DailyJuly 29th, 2014

Mens Mag Daily: How did you get into the adult industry? Cali Carter: I went online, it was really easy actually. I put up a resume on I had an agency contact me and we stayed on the phone for about an hour just talking about the business, what I needed, what I could expect and stuff like that. They set up a date to fly me out. I flew out on a weekend. That weekend I met producers, signed with an agency, and did my first blowjob scene. It’s pretty crazy how easy it was actually.

Cherie DeVille
AIPdaily.comMarch 11th, 2013

What prompted you to join the adult industry? A friend of mine needed me to fill in for a model that canceled on him at the last min for a prosthetic horn shoot. It was a nude job and I was hesitant. I got there and went into hair and makeup and loved it. It was such a fun day that when I got home I put my pics up on From ModelMayhem I shot for easy rider and some adult magazines in Europe. A photographer in New York suggested I put my resume on I did and that is how OC modeling my fabulous agency found me. They asked if I wanted to come to LA and do some girl/girl and solo modeling work and I said yes!

Codi Carmichael
Porn Valley NewsOctober 10th, 2008

I was a receptionist for three years. I worked for a dermatology and a podiatry office. I kind of liked it, but the pay wasn’t the greatest. I always wanted to do something that was “out there” — Something that got more exposure. I was tired of sitting behind a desk. One day I went on and posted a few pictures. I was thinking I might get a couple of responses. I checked my email an hour later and I had twenty replies. The next day I had thirty replies, and they didn’t stop coming! So I talked about it with my boyfriend and told him I decided I wanted to get into the porn business.

Coralyn Jewel
AdultDVDTalk.comMay 15th, 2016

I was born in South Africa, raised in Southern California. I was a competitive ice skater growing up. I lived all over… Madison, WI, North Carolina, I did a year in Germany in a professional skating show, then I did 4 years in Sweden, coaching the Swedish team. I moved back to California 10 years ago and opened a fitness company. Maybe 6 years ago, I got into doing custom videos, which led into webcamming, then led to working as a model and then dancing in a club that a friend of mine from high school owned in San Diego. I have a degree in directing from the University of North Carolina so I put it up on SexyJobs for my custom videos and webcamming and was hired to be a director in the porn industry. I did that for 4 years with a company called Lafayette Productions. After doing that for a couple of years, I realized that I wanted to be on the other side of the camera.

Desi and Elli Fox
Howard SternSeptember 13th, 2008

The mother-daughter porn team of Desi and Elli Foxx visited the Howard Stern Show Thursday. Here's the recap from Howard introduced the mother-daughter porno team Desi and Ellie [pictured]. Howard said that the mother was all decked out with big titties. She said they were bought and paid for. Howard told the daughter, Ellie, that she doesn't need the big ones like her mother has. Howard found out that Ellie is 22 years old and they've been doing this for about 10 months now. The mother, Desi, is 48. Howard said she looks good for her age and she's had 3 kids. Howard asked Ellie why she went into porn because she got into it before her mother did. Ellie said that she was a dog groomer and she needed to make better money. She said that porn was the way to go. Ellie said that she never really thought about doing it but she did some research and ended up posting an ad on to find something.

Ember Reigns
FreeOnes.comDecember 6th, 2009

One day, I was joking around and my hubby was talking to me about modeling stuff and he told me that I should get a “sexy job” because I was so sexy…lol. So just like the blonde I can be sometimes, I googled….sexy jobs. A site called came up and I found an add to do webcam girl stuff. I talked to my hubby about when he got home one night. He said we should look into it more so we went to a site and purchased a webcam show from a girl to see exactly what it was all about. I INSTANTLY was turned on by the thought of guys jerking off to me and at the end of the show this girl gave us, my hubby told her that I was a model and watching along with him and was interested at getting into the business. So next thing I knew, we spent like 2 hours on the phone with each other and virtually became bff’s right there!!! LOL So that night I signed up for the site and started to do my first show!!! I will never forget it.

Eva Angelina
WikiPorno.orgJanuary 16th, 2008

Eva was named "Hottest Girl in Porn" in January 2008. She entered the industry in 2003 immediately upon turning 18 by answering an ad in OC Weekly posted by Calli Cox and apeared as a contestant on Porn Star Date. She soon quit her day job, shot for Shanes' World (Diary of a Young Slut) but her career faltered until she answered a posting in and met the man who would become the love of her life, Dan "the Rigger" Beard. It was Dan's photographs of Eva that got her noticed, she got an agent(Thomas Hope XTC Models)and began working everyday. She took a temporary hiatus from porn to try to join the United States Navy between May and November 2004 during which she returned to school and worked at Macaroni Grill as a hostess in Valencia, California.

Eve Laurence
evelaurence.comJuly 26th, 2010

In December of '03 I posted a profile on One agent was very persistent and flew me out for the '04 AVN and that launched my career. When the show was over I had a meeting with Paul F. and we sat in his office and decided on my name. I guess it was fate.

Jade Rose
adultDVDTalk.comJanuary 2nd, 2015

CJ: How and why did you decide to get into the adult industry? Jade: I was working at the porn shop and I was always a little freaky in my normal sex life. I would watch porn pretty regularly and I would watch the pretty extreme, freakier stuff. When I was with someone, they would tell me that I was really good and freakier than other girls they had been with. One day, I was looking at the BBW stuff and thought, ‘Hey, I could do that!’ And so I started exploring that. I figured my regular life was like porn anyways so I figured what the hell. (laughs) CJ: How did that work, did you just start sending your pictures to agents? Jade: I went on SexyJobs and I made a few contacts there. I was contacted by PlumperPass and it snowballed from there and I thought I would pursue it as a career.

Jasmine Tame
AIPdaily.comApril 16th, 2008

How did you first get into the adult industry? Before I got into the adult industry, I was attending University of Central Florida as a public relations major. I was interning as a PR assistant for a drug testing company and then auditioned to perform in Universal Studios seasonally. I wanted to dance at strip clubs while studying in college. Since I didn’t have the money to invest in myself to do that, I posted on to find work in adult entertainment. I received several offers to model for video work in Florida. I drove to Miami from Orlando to model for my first website shoot.

Jay Landford
ManHuntDaily.comJanuary 14th, 2014

What made you decide to get into the adult industry? I have a very close friend that’s in the industry, and she had been suggesting it to me for a while. I was working long hours at a gym, not even having time to work out at the gym as much as I used to. She convinced me to open a profile on, and I immediately got contacted by a few agents. I spoke to one of them over the phone, and I liked him. (I go with my gut a lot when I make decisions.) He asked me for some pictures, and I got a photographer friend to take them for me; within a few weeks, I was told I had a meeting with Randy Blue. The meeting went really well, and he told me I could start making money camming until they were able to use me. I literally started making money within the next two days! I was very surprised how the community on the site was so accepting of me. Within a few days of starting, I was told I had a solo scene scheduled. So, it happened very fast.

Jenny Hendrix
AdultFYIDecember 30th, 2007

Originally a dancer, Hendrix wondered how she could progress in her career to make more money. "I was told by feature dancers who came into the club, well, you do movies." Hendrix then went on the site, and put up a profile. "Then I decided to do a shoot, moved to Miami, and kept doing shoots. I went from there and kept working for companies like Bang Bros and Icy Porn."

Jessica Kaine
AdultFYIJuly 26th, 2005

Kaine got in the business when she put a picture of herself on and started getting some replies. Not all of them good. Kaine was getting contacted by companies in New York and New Jersey- a few good, a few bad. "But there were a couple of good ones such as the Lauren Phoenix agency which also-emailed me," states Kaine who was told that if she ever felt like coming out to California, look them up. Kaine looked them up.

Jessica Ryan
AdultDVDTalk.comFebruary 15th, 2015

CJ: So what did you do, did you send your pictures out to agents? Jessica: Actually what I had done is that I logged onto and with going to school full-time and working full-time, the majority of the stuff just wasn’t working for me. And then I finally got an offer to shoot for Reality Kings. They were very legitimate and came across very professional so I decided to take a day off from work and go up to LA to shoot. It was actually Halloween. It was a huge career change for me so I took a long time to decide to shoot it. One day, I dropped everything and said ‘Fuck it’ and went up to shoot. Then I packed up the UHaul and went up to LA.

Jon Jon
Papi ChuloMarch 19th, 2008

How did you get into the adult industry? Jon Jon: I was a dancer Las Vegas and I knew a couple of girls that were in the industry. I was always interested in doing it, but I never really took the steps to do it. I talked to one of my homegirls and she said I should make a profile on some websites to see if anyone was interested. I put a post on and a company hit me up like the next day.

Kagney Linn Karter
AVNMay 17th, 2009

I had thought about getting into the business for a long time before I did it. Because I actually had moved to California when I was 18 to pursue acting and singing. Not a lot of people know that. But I started dancing and I don’t want to say I had a falling out with my manager but I had a falling out with my manager because of being a dancer which it didn’t work out. So I didn’t pursue the career as much after that and just started dancing. And I got a few modeling jobs here and there but without a little bit of guidance it kind of fell to the side. The more and more that I danced everyone was like, ‘you really should get into the adult business. You would do really well.’ That’s like when I really started to study the industry a little bit and I put an ad up – which a lot of girls do this – on sexy jobs. And Holly Randall responded to the ad, and this is before I really thought about actually taking the plunge. And I went on their site and I saw the work that they did and I then signed with LA Direct Models, and Holly was like you should come here for a go-see and I did and that’s how I ended up shooting for them, but I had met Holly before I even met Derek at LA Direct. I met them first so it was just really interesting once I got into the business because I didn’t know how big they were and what they did.

Kelly Leigh
AdultFYIDecember 11th, 2006

Leigh also jumped into this business because aside from kids, she doesn't go to clubs, and doesn't go online. "But I love sex," she states. "So I figured if I love it, I can make some money at it. And my first job was doing a 19 year-old." Leigh did some Over 40 Mags, although she isn't 40, and she put those pics on "Putting that stuff on there I was getting a lot of agencies calling me," she says.

Kenzie Reeves
AVN.comJanuary 26th, 2018

Kenzie is New Hampshire’s gift to adult media, even though she now lives in Florida. She started out as a dancer “the day I turned 18. My birthday. It was pretty cool. I was like, Goodbye, Taco Bell.” And she danced for a year and a half. “I would travel to New York, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, everywhere. I liked it, it was fun, but it was more of a Friday and Saturday night job thing. I just got bored after a year and a half. ... It was great money and everything and I wasn’t struggling. It’s a lot of work but it wasn’t a routine job thing. I was like, I want to try something new, and expand into the adult industry.” She tried, talked to a few agencies, “and then I found Brian, who is my Florida agent. And I don’t know, we just clicked.” Currently, East Coast Talent is “my agency for the West Coast.”

Kiko Lee
ScoreVideos.comApril 15th, 2016

"You found me on," Kiko said. "I posted my own ad there just to see what would happen and then I got an email from you. But I'd seen SCORE in adult bookstores because I buy costumes there all the time. I always see the girls with big boobs in the magazine and I thought 'How can I get in there?' I wanted to be in the magazine but I didn't have a clue how to get in."

Lana Violet
RockIt ReportsApril 2nd, 2013

I’m 24 now, started porn when I was 19. I stumbled upon and was looking into becoming a stripper. Majority of my offers were for adult work, so I made my way to the valley, met my first agent and just went for it. I was still at first looking to just dance, but she convinced me I could make more doing videos so I tried it, liked it, and never looked back.

Leah Wilde
AdultDVDTalk.comJanuary 6th, 2009

Don't think she has been with Shawn Wilde for a while now. Seems they broke up before she got her boob job, which was over a year ago. She was with Alternative Modeling for a bit, even did a video testimonial for them talking about how she got started in the porn business and how the agency helped her. She still has an active profile on which is how she began in the business.

Lily Carter
SheNeedsIt.comMay 23rd, 2011

Why don't we start with how you got started in the industry? Lily Carter: I looked it up on the Internet... "How to become a p*rn star". I ended up finding the site I was thinking about just doing webcam or something from home but then agencies started contacting me. I decided to go for it.

Maddie Luv
ExtraLunchMoney.comSeptember 20th, 2016

Q: How did you get into adult work and how long have you been doing this? A: Well I got into it by being sick of being broke and after trying to find a job for a year I seen a ad on Craigslist for adult work so I looked into it and ended up finding this site called and that’s where I got started working doing adult scenes for a website. At that time I didn’t want to cam, but then got offered a job that wasn’t a live site so I did tried it and fell in love. And that was in February of this year.

Maxim Law
AdultDVDTalk.comMay 25th, 2017

Maxim: I grew up in Montana and I got scouted to start in the business. I grew up as a tomboy. I was a snowboard instructor, very outdoorsy. My family is Russian and they still don’t know that I’m doing this. I’m lowkey. I’m waiting until I actually know what I’m doing. I also was a swimmer and played volleyball. CJ: You said you were scouted, how did that work? Maxim: I was on and I rarely used it but she found me on there. She messaged me and I was interested in exploring my options.

Maya Bijou
PornDirectorPodcast.comApril 13th, 2017

Maya got into the industry after watching the documentary “Hot Girls Wanted”. She soon signed up to the website and was contacted by a porn recruiter. Soon after this she filmed her first scene — a college orgy with a 4th of July theme. After having so much fun and getting paid, Maya was hooked and hasn’t looked back since. In one short year she has done a dozens of scenes, including solo videos, BJ’s, and threesomes with guys and girls.

Mika Kani
AdultFYIOctober 11th, 2006

Kani's reasons for coming in the industry stem from a young girl's fascination with Playboy magazine. "I wanted to be like that," she says. "When you're younger you want to do things and experience them. And now I'm old enough, why not?" And she also watched adult movies so she had an idea of what to expect. Kani got her start by listing herself on "I posted my picture there," she said. She got some feedback then paid her way to come out to California the first time, noting that it's a little bit different when, as an unknown commodity, you're trying to line things up living in Nebraska and without a track record. "But then I started getting things lined up for me," she says.

Monica and Jessica Sexxxton
Howard SternJanuary 23rd, 2013

Monica: We were really, really broke and we were going to be homeless. Our lease was up for renewal and we had to renew our lease or get out. And I lost my job at the phone actress place right before Christmas, like, four weeks before Christmas. Howard: Were you supporting the family? Monica: I was the breadwinner. Jessica: I was bartending, but I wasn't getting any hours. Howard: Why? Jessica: Because the economy was bad. Howard: The economy went to the tank. Monica: That was about five years ago. Jessica: Three years ago. Howard: Is this where you are first breaking the news to Jessica that you are going to go do porn? Monica: Yes, yes. One of my customers on the phone line had been like, "Oh, you can go to SexyJobs" and so I uploaded a profile and I found an agent on there and I was like, "Look I need to get money coming in right now or we're going to be totally screwed" and he was like, "Okay, I'll get you some shoots."

Nadia Ali
AdultDVDTalk.comFebruary 14th, 2016

CJ: So you wanted to get into porn. How did you go about it? Did you look on the internet for agencies? Nadia: I was on the website There were a lot of porn companies on there that would make offers. I wasn’t totally happy with them. But then I found a small agency and I liked how flexible they were. I just stuck to them and that’s the best decision of my life. I don’t regret it.

Natasha Nice
XBIZMay 3rd, 2012

Now 23, Natasha Nice has been in porn for five years. She began masturbating to the stuff while she was still in middle school. “I watched so much porn that I broke two of my parents’ computers,” she laughs. When she came of age she logged on to and made the leap.

Nicole Bennett
OribeSeptember 25th, 2012

Were you able to just jump right in to the adult film industry? Well, not exactly. I had worked my way up the retail ladder behind a MAC make-up bar, and I realized I would never get to where I was trying to go if I stayed behind that counter. So, I posted an ad on At first I got some pretty weird calls, but soon enough, I got a call from Lauren Phoenix, who was a really popular performer at the time. She wanted me to do her make-up for an upcoming job and do some of the hair and make-up for other girls in her agency. And your career just took off from there? Pretty much. Not too long after that, because of the relationships I’d developed with the girls at the agency, one of the industry’s biggest directors at the time asked me to fill in for his hair and make-up artist who had flaked on the day of filming. After that day, he hired me to work for his production company exclusively, and I stayed there for a couple years before branching out.

Nina Skye
AdultDVDTalk.comDecember 19th, 2017

CJ: How did you make the transition from teaching into porn? Did you start contacting agents? Nina: I had just turned 21 and it was something that I had been wanting to do for years. I didn’t know how to go about it but I thought I’m not getting any younger. I was talking to one of my friends about it and she also wanted to pursue porn. She want on She did one scene and then quit. I looked at the same website and that’s how my agent found me and that’s how I got started.

Riley Mason
KobiataMarch 1st, 2008

Did someone plant a seed in your mind and say "hey you should be a pornstar?" No, actually my best friend since 8th grade and I decided to do it together. We wanted a fun and easy way to make money and so we contacted this guy on and he hooked us up with Rose. That's how I got into porn. The rest is history!

Roxanne Rae
AdultDVDTalk.comDecember 15th, 2013

How and why did you decide to get into the adult industry? Roxanne: I was doing some fetish stuff, I was really into that. And I was living in a dorm and Jessica was squatting in my dorm for a few months. We needed to get an apartment quickly because the semester was ending and they found out she was living there. I was on and I told Jessica to look on there, maybe should could find some fetish stuff. We tried camming and camming was awful and then an agent contacted her. Jessica asked if she could bring me and we went. The agent told me that I was pretty and asked if I wanted to do it too and I said, "Sure, why not?"

Sasha Knox
Boobpedia.comJune 1st, 2006

How did you get into porn? SASHA: A thousand different things went through my head at first. My initial thought was that I needed freedom. I thought that if I somehow could buy a car I could get the hell out of town. So one day I asked myself ‘how can I make money really fast?’ And I decided that the quickest way would be to have sex for money. But I didn’t just want to go stand on a corner. I love attention, so I thought, gosh, I’ll be in porn! I had no idea how one did that. But I thought if anybody can do it, I can. So I went online and found I signed up and started getting responses. Everything from perverts in their basements to actual people in L.A. and Florida making offers for me to fly out. I came out and it was exactly how I thought it would be. So many times I get expectations and end up getting disappointed and disillusioned. But porn was exactly the way I wanted and needed it to be. So I just stuck with it.

Savannah Fox
MensMagDaily.comSeptember 10th, 2014

Mens Mag Daily: Why did you decide to be a pornstar and how did you get into the business? Savannah Fox: I got into the business by accident actually. I was on Craigslist looking for a massage therapy job and I found a link to “sexy jobs”. I answered an agency ad to go to Miami. I figured, “Okay cool, free trip to Miami.” I like having sex and I think I look pretty good naked so let’s go. It never crossed my mind to become a “pornstar”. I had only watched like four porn movies in my entire life.

Shirley Andrews
MetroApril 7th, 2015

People kept telling me I should go into professional because there was such a large demand for mature porn. I had no idea how to even start something like that so another friend told me to go to I made a profile and an ad as to what I would be interested in doing, and two weeks later I was in Miami doing work for the Score Group.

Sierra Skye
SkyesTheLimitxxx.blogspot.comJune 26th, 2009

I've gotten tired of just sitting around waiting for things to come to me so I took it upon myself to re-post my resume on Believe it or not, that's how I got my start back at the end of last year. How I came across that site is beyond me since it was quite some time ago and I'm glad I did.

Summer Carter
BostonSinglegirl.comApril 18th, 2015

I spotted Summer at the booth where she was working— using her ASSets to attract new talent as well as new customers for the company. And what an ass it was, let me tell ya! But there was more than just an amazing ass to this up-and-coming starlet and I had to learn more. Summer, a Pennsylvania native, broke into the adult industry in May of 2014 with, a company founded in 1998 that allows talent to post their availability for free and agencies to find new talent (at a cost). Summer’s first shoot was a glory hole scene which she told me, “I was helping a friend who couldn’t do the scene at the last minute. It was my first scene and it was with 3 black guys.” Soon after, Summer found her agent, Sandra, of OC Modeling. “She really listens and has my back. She’s the best agent anyone could get.” She added, “I think a female agents just gets it.”

Taryn Thomas
Porn Stars CenterApril 10th, 2010

I think it came about last August I put an ad on I got a few responses and I was just goofing around. I got a response from an agency in Arizona. I called them and they asked what I was willing to. I told them solo and girl/girl. My best friend told me that I needed to do more and told me to do blowjobs. So I agreed and started doing blowjobs. I decided to take it to the next step and started doing boy/girl. I wanted to come to LA and this agency didn't doing anything outside of Arizona. So I found Mark and I have been with Spiegler ever since.

Tatiyana Foxx
InkedAngels.comNovember 14th, 2011

Tatiyana Foxx started out in the adult industry when she was 19 years old as an exotic dancer. But after 3 years of dancing and the toll it was taking on her health she decided to move on into porn. As soon as she posted an ad on Sexy Jobs she got a call from Bang Bros who wanted to shoot her. That’s what started her film career as she starts out her journey as a newcomer to the adult film world.

Tia Ling
myasianpornstars.comOctober 25th, 2007

I started out swinging with my then boyfriend, husband now. We shot a demo scene with a local company called voodoomedia group, then bangbros in miami noticed us from our SexyJobs ad. We decided to go out to the avns, which is where we hooked up with joel from goldstar modeling, the rest is history.

Tiffany Brooks
ocmodeling.comJune 5th, 2015

CJ: "Only sleeping with two guys, how did you decide to get into the adult industry? That’s a pretty big step!" Tiffany: "It just happened. It’s one of those stories when you fall into it and you try to explain what happened. At a young age, I had done some artistic nudes for a guy down here in Dallas. He had done a coffee table book and I had been exposed to that at a young age and was comfortable with it. I knew that I would never be a super model and if I pursued modeling, it wasn’t going to be a livelihood. I didn’t expect to do porn but I was on and I saw a couple different agents on there. I emailed one of them and I had never been to California and they flew me out there. Literally, I just rolled into it."