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SexyJobs Review: Recruiting Adult Talent
webcamstartup.comMay 5th, 2016

The directory is great, and I’ll get to that, but it is their community of performers looking for work. It’s something you don’t see when initially checking out SexyJobs, and looking at the number of messages that models receive (they indicate number of messages received in the last 120 days) a feature that is highly under-utilized by the companies and networks posting jobs. SexyJobs does a great job at collecting information on what type of work the job-seekers are looking for. Most job seekers also do a great job of indicating their experience and elaborating on what they want to do. This is valuable information that helps you determine whether they’re compatible or not. In the few days (not even a week yet) that I’ve been part of the site, I’ve had some amazing response keeping tabs on the latest job seekers joining the site who indicate that they’re interested in camming, producing and selling amateur content or working from home. Many of these job seekers have been incredibly receptive and very interested in the sites I’ve got listed here. The emails have enabled them to ask questions, describe more what they want to do and we’ve been able to discuss what sites would be best for them. Everyone wins.