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OCM Spotlight of the Week – TIFFANY BROOKS Interview
ocmodeling.comJune 5th, 2015

CJ: "Only sleeping with two guys, how did you decide to get into the adult industry? That’s a pretty big step!" Tiffany: "It just happened. It’s one of those stories when you fall into it and you try to explain what happened. At a young age, I had done some artistic nudes for a guy down here in Dallas. He had done a coffee table book and I had been exposed to that at a young age and was comfortable with it. I knew that I would never be a super model and if I pursued modeling, it wasn’t going to be a livelihood. I didn’t expect to do porn but I was on and I saw a couple different agents on there. I emailed one of them and I had never been to California and they flew me out there. Literally, I just rolled into it."