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Phone Sex: Clean cash for dirty talk
ThePittNewsFebruary 13th, 2015

A 2013 survey based on interviews by Students and Phone Sex, a website dedicated to providing information on phone sex as a job for college students, revealed that 71 percent of 100 students interviewed saw nothing wrong with being a phone sex operator. Approximately 10 percent of those interviewed knew someone in the business. Tanisha’s introduction to the world of phone sex came when she discovered her friend had been making money as a phone sex operator, or a PSO, for a couple of months, randomly disappearing at parties to answer calls. “I thought she was getting high or something,” she said. It turned out her friend had found a hiring phone sex company while scrolling through a website called Tanisha decided to become a PSO with the mentality, “my friend was doing it, and we thought it would be funny.”