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The Girl Behind Bree Olson
SlaveMag.comJanuary 19th, 2013

How did you first get work in adult films? Indiana is very far from where most porn is shot, which is in LA. So I looked it up on the internet, thinking, ‘there must be an application for this?’ I did it out of curiosity more than anything. I Googled ‘porn applications’ and a website came up called It features different types of sex jobs. Whether you want to be a phone sex operator, a stripper, a porn star or what have you. I put my picture on the site and said I had never done this before, but I wanted to try doing porn - here is my number. I was very naïve back then. The calls started flooding in, and I decided to pick someone. She was very convincing, she told me not to worry about anything, leave it all behind, and come out here to LA. And it all began right there.