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How To Become A Straight Male Porn Star
Sexpressed.comFebruary 25th, 2016

The best place to go to get your porn career rolling is a site called It’s like or, but all of the potential employers and job hunters on the site are geared towards various sectors of the adult industry. I have used SexyJobs to cast the videos I’ve made here on Sexpressed, and it’s been a godsend. The site has all the features you need to narrow your selection of talent down to every last detail, and new people are joining every day. If I was making a porno movie and needed some straight male talent, SexyJobs would be the first place I would go…they were the first place I went when casting Jazmyn for How To Prepare For Anal Sex and Anthony for How To Cum Like A Porn Star, that’s for sure! And SexyJobs is where I’ll go to book the star of the next Sexpressed “How To” video, without a doubt.