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A Conversation with Nichole Bennett
OribeSeptember 25th, 2012

Were you able to just jump right in to the adult film industry? Well, not exactly. I had worked my way up the retail ladder behind a MAC make-up bar, and I realized I would never get to where I was trying to go if I stayed behind that counter. So, I posted an ad on At first I got some pretty weird calls, but soon enough, I got a call from Lauren Phoenix, who was a really popular performer at the time. She wanted me to do her make-up for an upcoming job and do some of the hair and make-up for other girls in her agency. And your career just took off from there? Pretty much. Not too long after that, because of the relationships I’d developed with the girls at the agency, one of the industry’s biggest directors at the time asked me to fill in for his hair and make-up artist who had flaked on the day of filming. After that day, he hired me to work for his production company exclusively, and I stayed there for a couple years before branching out.