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Manhunt Daily - Exclusive Interview With Gay Porn Model Jay Landford
ManHuntDaily.comJanuary 14th, 2014

What made you decide to get into the adult industry? I have a very close friend that’s in the industry, and she had been suggesting it to me for a while. I was working long hours at a gym, not even having time to work out at the gym as much as I used to. She convinced me to open a profile on, and I immediately got contacted by a few agents. I spoke to one of them over the phone, and I liked him. (I go with my gut a lot when I make decisions.) He asked me for some pictures, and I got a photographer friend to take them for me; within a few weeks, I was told I had a meeting with Randy Blue. The meeting went really well, and he told me I could start making money camming until they were able to use me. I literally started making money within the next two days! I was very surprised how the community on the site was so accepting of me. Within a few days of starting, I was told I had a solo scene scheduled. So, it happened very fast.