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The Sexxxtons Interview
Howard SternJanuary 23rd, 2013

Monica: We were really, really broke and we were going to be homeless. Our lease was up for renewal and we had to renew our lease or get out. And I lost my job at the phone actress place right before Christmas, like, four weeks before Christmas. Howard: Were you supporting the family? Monica: I was the breadwinner. Jessica: I was bartending, but I wasn't getting any hours. Howard: Why? Jessica: Because the economy was bad. Howard: The economy went to the tank. Monica: That was about five years ago. Jessica: Three years ago. Howard: Is this where you are first breaking the news to Jessica that you are going to go do porn? Monica: Yes, yes. One of my customers on the phone line had been like, "Oh, you can go to SexyJobs" and so I uploaded a profile and I found an agent on there and I was like, "Look I need to get money coming in right now or we're going to be totally screwed" and he was like, "Okay, I'll get you some shoots."

Josh From Brings In Some Girls To Bounce
Howard SternSeptember 15th, 2010

Howard asked Josh about the web site and how he got it started. Josh said he started it on his own and he didn't think that the bank would bankroll him for this site he started. Howard asked what the costs were for the site. Josh said that it can cost a few hundred to a few thousand for the women. He said that it depends on the woman. Howard asked how he finds them. He said there are web sites out there where ladies can market their services. He said is one of them. He said he has found many of the ladies on that site.

Desi and Elli Foxx on the Stern Show; Turned Down $500G for a Gangbang
Howard SternSeptember 13th, 2008

The mother-daughter porn team of Desi and Elli Foxx visited the Howard Stern Show Thursday. Here's the recap from Howard introduced the mother-daughter porno team Desi and Ellie [pictured]. Howard said that the mother was all decked out with big titties. She said they were bought and paid for. Howard told the daughter, Ellie, that she doesn't need the big ones like her mother has. Howard found out that Ellie is 22 years old and they've been doing this for about 10 months now. The mother, Desi, is 48. Howard said she looks good for her age and she's had 3 kids. Howard asked Ellie why she went into porn because she got into it before her mother did. Ellie said that she was a dog groomer and she needed to make better money. She said that porn was the way to go. Ellie said that she never really thought about doing it but she did some research and ended up posting an ad on to find something.