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Nica Noelle - My Intro to Porn
HotMoviesForHer.comFebruary 5th, 2007

I was working as a freelance journalist and I thought it would be fun to write an article about the experience of performing as a fetish model. I had long ago left the sex industry, and I didn’t want to have anal sex or suck anyone’s cock to get the article done; I just wanted to write about a “normal girl” doing something freaky. I posted a resume on so I could answer one of the ads I’d seen posted. (*You have to “register” and post a resume to answer an ad.) The ad of my interest was looking for models who wanted to be “spanked.” “I love being spanked!” I thought, merrily composing my responsive email. “This will be a killer article.” I went to New York and performed in the spanking video (for Kelly Payne) and indeed wrote an article about the experience for Spread Magazine.