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Ember Reigns
FreeOnes.comDecember 6th, 2009

One day, I was joking around and my hubby was talking to me about modeling stuff and he told me that I should get a “sexy job” because I was so sexy…lol. So just like the blonde I can be sometimes, I googled….sexy jobs. A site called came up and I found an add to do webcam girl stuff. I talked to my hubby about when he got home one night. He said we should look into it more so we went to a site and purchased a webcam show from a girl to see exactly what it was all about. I INSTANTLY was turned on by the thought of guys jerking off to me and at the end of the show this girl gave us, my hubby told her that I was a model and watching along with him and was interested at getting into the business. So next thing I knew, we spent like 2 hours on the phone with each other and virtually became bff’s right there!!! LOL So that night I signed up for the site and started to do my first show!!! I will never forget it.