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Mommy Fetish, Line One - My life as a phone sex serf
CityPages.comFebruary 9th, 2005 shows an opening for several phone sex operator positions. I put my name down for three of them, filling out the same type of application forms I'd be completing if I wanted to work as a grocery store clerk. A month later, I get a phone call. The woman on the other end of the receiver says she's from a New Jersey-based company that employs PSOs (phone sex operators, to us lay people) across the country. She sounds completely generic. No identifying accent. No heavy breathing, funny inflections, or affectations. She is matter-of-fact and well-spoken. Ms. Generic explains that her website, which promotes PSO services, is completely unique because it caters to upscale gentlemen and relies on the "girls" to be classy and educated. I roll my eyes and ask what they pay. The caller shells out $2.35 per minute, she says, and the PSO gets 75 cents. The company keeps the rest.