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Interview with Girl Next Door Summer Carter
BostonSinglegirl.comApril 18th, 2015

I spotted Summer at the booth where she was working— using her ASSets to attract new talent as well as new customers for the company. And what an ass it was, let me tell ya! But there was more than just an amazing ass to this up-and-coming starlet and I had to learn more. Summer, a Pennsylvania native, broke into the adult industry in May of 2014 with, a company founded in 1998 that allows talent to post their availability for free and agencies to find new talent (at a cost). Summer’s first shoot was a glory hole scene which she told me, “I was helping a friend who couldn’t do the scene at the last minute. It was my first scene and it was with 3 black guys.” Soon after, Summer found her agent, Sandra, of OC Modeling. “She really listens and has my back. She’s the best agent anyone could get.” She added, “I think a female agents just gets it.”