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Sasha Knox Interview
Boobpedia.comJune 1st, 2006

How did you get into porn? SASHA: A thousand different things went through my head at first. My initial thought was that I needed freedom. I thought that if I somehow could buy a car I could get the hell out of town. So one day I asked myself ‘how can I make money really fast?’ And I decided that the quickest way would be to have sex for money. But I didn’t just want to go stand on a corner. I love attention, so I thought, gosh, I’ll be in porn! I had no idea how one did that. But I thought if anybody can do it, I can. So I went online and found I signed up and started getting responses. Everything from perverts in their basements to actual people in L.A. and Florida making offers for me to fly out. I came out and it was exactly how I thought it would be. So many times I get expectations and end up getting disappointed and disillusioned. But porn was exactly the way I wanted and needed it to be. So I just stuck with it.