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Covergirl and the Newest Crown Princess of Porn Jenny Hendrix to co host radio show
AdultFYIDecember 30th, 2007

Originally a dancer, Hendrix wondered how she could progress in her career to make more money. "I was told by feature dancers who came into the club, well, you do movies." Hendrix then went on the site, and put up a profile. "Then I decided to do a shoot, moved to Miami, and kept doing shoots. I went from there and kept working for companies like Bang Bros and Icy Porn."

Conversations with Kelly Leigh
AdultFYIDecember 11th, 2006

Leigh also jumped into this business because aside from kids, she doesn't go to clubs, and doesn't go online. "But I love sex," she states. "So I figured if I love it, I can make some money at it. And my first job was doing a 19 year-old." Leigh did some Over 40 Mags, although she isn't 40, and she put those pics on "Putting that stuff on there I was getting a lot of agencies calling me," she says.

Conversations with Mika Kani
AdultFYIOctober 11th, 2006

Kani's reasons for coming in the industry stem from a young girl's fascination with Playboy magazine. "I wanted to be like that," she says. "When you're younger you want to do things and experience them. And now I'm old enough, why not?" And she also watched adult movies so she had an idea of what to expect. Kani got her start by listing herself on "I posted my picture there," she said. She got some feedback then paid her way to come out to California the first time, noting that it's a little bit different when, as an unknown commodity, you're trying to line things up living in Nebraska and without a track record. "But then I started getting things lined up for me," she says.

Conversations with Jessica Kaine
AdultFYIJuly 26th, 2005

Kaine got in the business when she put a picture of herself on and started getting some replies. Not all of them good. Kaine was getting contacted by companies in New York and New Jersey- a few good, a few bad. "But there were a couple of good ones such as the Lauren Phoenix agency which also-emailed me," states Kaine who was told that if she ever felt like coming out to California, look them up. Kaine looked them up.