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Fresh Faces: Kenzie Reeves
AVN.comJanuary 26th, 2018

Kenzie is New Hampshire’s gift to adult media, even though she now lives in Florida. She started out as a dancer “the day I turned 18. My birthday. It was pretty cool. I was like, Goodbye, Taco Bell.” And she danced for a year and a half. “I would travel to New York, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, everywhere. I liked it, it was fun, but it was more of a Friday and Saturday night job thing. I just got bored after a year and a half. ... It was great money and everything and I wasn’t struggling. It’s a lot of work but it wasn’t a routine job thing. I was like, I want to try something new, and expand into the adult industry.” She tried, talked to a few agencies, “and then I found Brian, who is my Florida agent. And I don’t know, we just clicked.” Currently, East Coast Talent is “my agency for the West Coast.”