Prepare to Work from Home

While there are companies in many major cities where you can work in a so-called “studio” as a webcam performer, the bulk of the opportunity in this business is for individuals willing to work out of their homes. The reason is that it is far cheaper for companies to hire performers to work at home than to have to pay for office space. Also, this way companies can often hire their performers as independent contractors and avoid payroll taxes. One of the great benefits of working from home as an Internet performer is that you can get set up and start making money in a matter of days.

Get the Right Equipment

If you are planning to work from home, make sure you have the proper equipment necessary to do the job. You will need a high-speed Internet connection (most likely either DSL or cable), as dial-up service is simply too slow to reliably stream video. You will also need a PC with fairly good specs, preferably running Windows 2000 or Windows XP. A good quality webcam is obviously of paramount importance. The cheap ones simply do not provide adequate resolution in order to satisfy customers. Some companies will also require that you have a dedicated phone line (a land line, not a cell phone) and they may require that you have special features on your phone, like three-way calling or a personal 800 number. You may find it useful to have a headset for your phone so that you will be able to get comfortable for extended conversations, if you are providing audio.

Create a Nice Setting

First of all, you will need a place with minimal noise distractions (for example, children under foot or friends who visit during the day) where you can speak and perform freely, without worrying about others who might get offended listening in or observing. Secondly, it is important to consider the background that viewers will see when you perform. Pay attention to color and composition, as they can make a big difference in how pleasing your presentation will be. A few strategically placed objects such as flowers, candles, lamps, and even pictures or sculptures, can greatly enhance the viewer's experience and make you look better, too.

Pay Attention to Lighting

While this is a subject that entire books have been devoted to, the importance of good lighting cannot be overestimated. Ideally, you should implement three-point lighting, and the source of this lighting should not be from too-high above nor at ground level. You will need to experiment with different types of lights and their positioning in order to find what works best in your space. Just remember that too little light will tend to make an image look grainy, and too much light will wash out all the detail. Your local photography shopkeeper will no doubt give you a nice long lecture on the subject of lighting if you ask.

Know Your “Shock Factor”

Are you easily shocked? Are you turned off by certain fantasies that a customer might request? A good Internet performer is educated about the wide realm of potential sexual fantasies he/she might encounter and will not be shocked by them. It's okay to have certain subjects that are off-limits, as long as you are up front with the employer about your boundaries, but if you are too squeamish, then perhaps this job is not for you.

A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way

As an Internet performer, you will be required to react to customers' intimate fantasies with imagination and interest. A little preparation in this area can go a long way to not only getting you a job as a webcam performer, but to ensure that your customers stay online with you once you begin working. You might want to read erotic stories, peruse adult magazines, or research fetishes on the Internet. It can also be helpful to write some sample dialogues for various distinct fantasies, so that you will have replies ready at hand when the need arises.

Safety Tips for Webcam Performers

Every job carries risks. There are some unique risks for webcam performers, though, that you can take some common-sense steps to mitigate. For example, don't give out your telephone number or personal information to customers. Don't reveal your real name, the name of the town you live in, or any other identifying information while online with a customer. Stay away from drinking and drugs while on the job. Don't ever be tempted to meet a customer in person. This is a job, not a dating service.