How do I break into the adult entertainment industry?

As with anything in life, part of your success will depend on hard work and part will depend on luck. You have to be willing to go the extra mile, take chances, and meet as many people as you can. Take the industry as seriously as you would any other. This means you show up for appointments on time, be professional at all times, and keep yourself well-groomed. There are many different ways to actually get your first break, but the Network can help you maximize your chances of success. First, we suggest you place a resume, so that all our prospective employers can find you. For best results, we recommend you include a photo. You want to stand out from the crowd, don't you? It also helps to upgrade to a Gold Jobseeker Ad, as your profile gets enhanced with a "GOLD Jobseeker" icon and receives increased exposure on the "Find Talent" drop-down. Finally, we encourage you to learn as much as possible about how the adult entertainment industry works. One good way to do this is to attend one or more of the Adult Industry Events which take place in many different places throughout the world. (See the General Tips for more information on how break into the adult industry.)

Can anyone see the details of my resume once I submit it?

No, only registered employers are able to access your contact information and your portfolio. Furthermore, you have the choice to display your resume to all of our registered employers or ONLY to employers whom you contact first. If you choose to display your resume to all registered employers, then your public photo and the non-contact portions of your resume will be viewable by both visitors and registered employers.

Do I have to include a phone number with my resume?

Absolutely not. The only contact information you are required to submit with your resume is an email address. If you do provide a number, please be aware that employers may choose to call you before emailing you. Some jobseekers prefer not to list their phone numbers in their resumes for privacy or screening reasons. Furthermore, you may not want to give out your primary email address if it contains your full name or other sensitive information. Many services, such as Yahoo and Gmail, provide free email addresses if you want to set up a specific account to use with your resume.

How do I modify or delete my resume?

If you are jobseeker, simply go to the Jobseeker Area for all the options, such as modifying your resume, changing your status, updating your photos or checking your inbox. Likewise, employers should visit the Employer Area. That's easy, huh?

What if I don't have any photos of myself?

You will definitely get more employers interested in you by including a photo with your resume. While a photo is most critical for modeling, acting, dancing and internet performer jobs, it can also help if you are looking to be a phone entertainer, club staff member, writer or other job type. After all, anything that gets employers to click on your resume increases the chances that they will offer you jobs. You can always add photos to your resume later. See the photo tips for more information on how to get the most from your portfolio.

How do I submit a resume as couple who works together?

You can't submit a resume as a couple because resumes are only for individuals, not groups. However, there is an easy solution to this problem. If you work as a couple, simply submit two resumes – one for each of you. Then mark each other as friends by clicking the "Add as friend" button on the other's resume. This way employers will know that you want to work together and they can quickly view both of your resumes.

What if I prefer to perform with a spouse, friend, partner etc?

If you want to indicate to employers that you prefer to work with certain other people, there is an easy way to do so. First, make sure that these other people have posted their resumes on SexyJobs. Then mark them as friends by clicking the "Add as friend" button on each of their resumes. This way employers will know that you prefer to work with these friends and they can quickly view their resumes.

Are employers screened? How do I know the job offers I am receiving are real?

The Network engages in no screening and is not involved in the actual transaction between employers and candidates. It is merely a venue where jobseekers and employers are able to connect. Therefore, it has no control over the ability of employers to offer job opportunities to candidates or the ability of candidates to fill job openings. However, all registered employers are required to provide a name, billing address, email address, phone number and a valid payment method as part of the registration process. We recommend that jobseekers ask for references from potential employers before accepting any offers. You may also want to consider bringing a chaperone with you to any job assignment. (See the health & safety tips and the scam alerts for more information on this topic.)

The main photo that appears with your resume is called your public photo because it is viewable by both visitors and registered employers. The rest of the photos in your portfolio are only accessible to registered employers. Your portofolio may contain topless or nude photos, provided they comply with our Photo Guidelines. However, if you wish to have a photo featured in the public area, you will need to submit at least one G or PG-rated photo.

How do I change the public photo that appears with my resume?

Your public photo is selected at the discretion of our editorial staff based on the photos that you submit to your portfolio. However, if there is a specific photo that you would prefer for our editorial staff to consider for your public photo, you may make such a request from the Jobseeker Area. Once there, just click on the thumbnail image of your public photo and you will be presented with all the options.

What if I need to change the email address I have listed on my resume?

To update your resume with a new email address, go to the Jobseeker Area and click on the link that says "Change Email/Password." Your old email address does not have to be active in order for you to log into your account and change your account information.

Why can't I find my resume in the talent database?

Our editorial staff must review all newly submitted resumes, as well as updates to resumes, in order to make sure they comply with our terms of service. It usually takes less than 24 hours for the review process. During this time, your resume may be offline. Please note that if your resume does not comply with the terms of service, it may be deleted.

How do I view the pictures in my portfolio

Simply go to the Jobseeker Area and click on link that shows your SexyJobs ID#. You can also type your SexyJobs ID# into the keyword search box or do a search by your stage name.

What does the green dot mean?

A green dot next to a stage name indicates that the jobseeker is currently online. Likewise, a green dot next to a business name indicates that the employer is online. You can view all the jobseekers who are online by clicking the Online Now link on the Find Talent dropdown and you can view all the employers who are online by clicking the Online Now link on the Find Jobs dropdown.

What do the icons mean that show up below a business name on a job listing page?

The activity icons appear below the business name on a job listing when you have had prior interaction with that employer. They provide a quick way of knowing whether you have already emailed, favorited and/or viewed the listing. The rectangular message icon with an arrow pointing to the right indicates that you have already sent that employer a message. The same icon with an an arrow pointing to the left indicates that the employer has sent you a message. If the arrow is blue, it means the message has not yet been read. The eye-shaped icon with an arrow pointing to the right indicates that you have viewed that employer’s listing. The same icon with an an arrow pointing to the left indicates that the employer has viewed your profile. The heart-shaped icon with an arrow pointing to the right indicates that you have favorited that employer. The same icon with an an arrow pointing to the left indicates that the employer has favorited you. You can view more detailed information about an employer’s activity by clicking on the "Show all activity" link on the job listing page.

What if I only want certain employers to see my resume?

If you only want your resume to be visible to employers you contact first, then you may choose "screening" status by toggling the dropdown menu below your SexyJobs ID in the Jobseeker Area.

What if I need to take a break from the site?

If you need to take some time off from SexyJobs but you think you may want to come back later, then choose the "taking a break" status by toggling the dropdown menu below your SexyJobs ID in the Jobseeker Area.

How can I block an employer from continuing to message me?

You can block an employer by clicking the spam icon to the right of the message in your inbox. You can also click the "Move to Spam" button when viewing an message. Either action will move the message to your spam folder and prevent the employer from sending further messages to your inbox.

How do I turn off email notifications?

You can turn off email notifications by clicking the Email Settings link in the jobseeker area. Your account defaults to always receiving notifications when an employer messages you, but you can choose to never receive notifications or to only receive notifications daily.

What does the "Verified Employer" check mark mean?

The "Verified Employer" check mark means that the employer has maintained an active account in good standing and has provided a full name, billing address, email address, and credit card account that has been validated as part of a credit card transaction process. The "Verified Employer" designation is not a recommendation or a guarantee by of the identity of anyone you might contact through the Web Site. The "Verified Employer" designation should not be interpreted as an endorsement by of the performance of an employer, nor as a guarantee that employer will be the person or company who placed the listing or is pictured in the listing.

How do I know my messages are getting delivered when I contact employers?

We validate all employers’ email addresses at the time they submit their postings. We also use a state-the-art email delivery service, which allows us to attain the highest success rates possible. All email addresses are continuously checked and accounts for which emails become invalid are quarantined until they are updated or removed. Moreover, our system is redundant to ensure all messages get delivered. Even if an email address has gone bad, the employer can still view any messages you send by checking his/her inbox on our site.

What should I do if an employer sends spam or offensive emails?

If an employer sends you a message that you feel is offensive or spam, you may click the link at the bottom of the message that says, "Block this sender and report this email as spam." Doing so will stop the employer from sending you any further messages. IMPORTANT: If you use your email application to report a message as spam, you will NOT receive any further job offers from employers registered with, as we abide by email delivery best practices in order to maintain our reputation as a responsible sender.

Why won't your system let me login to make changes?

In order to access the Jobseeker Area, you need to make sure you have cookies enabled on your browser. It is also possible your web browser may have caching problems or other technical difficulties. If you are experiencing problems logging in, try to clear your cookies and/or reboot your computer, especially if you have had more than one account. Another option is to try launching a different Internet browser instead of Internet Explorer, which is usually the cause of the problem. Firefox or Chrome are good browser choices.

Jobseekers who appear on the home page are displayed randomly, based on the sort option selected on the display bar. Only jobseekers with public photos are shown on the home page, so if you wish to be included, be sure to upload a high-quality photo with your resume that complies with the photo guidelines. If you want to further increase your exposure, we recommend you upgrade your resume to Gold Status, as your profile gets enhanced with a "GOLD Jobseeker" icon and receives increased exposure on the "Find Talent" drop-down.

How do I tell potential employers where to find my resume on the site?

The easiest way to steer people to your resume is to give them your SexyJobs ID #. They can quickly type this number into the keyword search box in order to find your resume. If you don't know your SexyJobs ID #, you can find it in three different ways:

  1. The initial e-mail confirmation you received after submitting your resume contains your SexyJobs ID #.
  2. Your SexyJobs ID# appears on the purple bar of your resume page, as displayed on the site.
  3. Once logged in, the Jobseeker Area always displays your SexyJobs ID#.

How can I get more employers and recruiters to view my resume?

The most powerful method to increase your exposure is to upgrade your resume to a Gold Jobseeker Ad, as your profile gets enhanced with a "GOLD Jobseeker" icon and receives increased exposure on the "Find Talent" drop-down. Many of the most popular jobseekers tend to be those who have upgraded their resumes.

How do I contact the other talent listed in this site?

Simply sign up as a registered employer. By registering, you will gain access to the entire talent database for just $39.95 per month. There are no further fees of any kind when you use our database to recruit talent. You get to contact the talent directly to negotiate the best possible terms. All talent provide email addresses, and many of them also provide phone numbers and websites too. Also, you may want to consider placing an ad to recruit even more talent, since many of our visitors only check the ads without posting resumes. The $39.95 text ad is a good way to start, since it includes the membership (a $33.95 value) and you get an ad too.

How do I file a complaint about an experience I had with an employer?

If you have a problem with an employer who contacted you through the Network, you may send us your feedback. Please keep in mind that the Network is merely a venue where employers and jobseekers are able to contact one another. This site is not involved in the actual transactions between employers and jobseekers. As a result, the Company has no control over the quality, safety or legality of the jobs or resumes posted, the truth or accuracy of the listings, the ability of employers to offer job opportunities to candidates or the ability of candidates to fill job openings. If you feel an employment contract has been breached, we recommend that you contact a lawyer and/or legal authorities in your area. Do not ask us to remove certain employers' job listings because you feel "they ripped you off." We cannot go by one person's word over another in resolving a dispute. You need to take legal action to prove the wrongdoing. Once an employer is found to be in violation of the law and we are advised of such by legal authorities, then we can remove that employer from our Network, so make sure to keep us posted as to the outcome of your action or have the legal authorities contact us directly.

How do I close out my account completely?

To delete your resume, go to the Jobseeker Area and select "I'm finished here" from drop-down menu related to your resume. One of the options will be to permanently remove your resume from our site. Once your resume has been permanently removed from our site, there is nothing further that you need to do to close your account. We save your account registration information (email address and password only) for our records, as well as to protect ourselves from abusive re-posters. This information is not shared with anyone else and does not appear on our site. You can logout if you want to clear this information from your cookies.

How do I cancel my Gold Jobseeker ad?

If you have a upgraded your resume to a Gold Jobseeker ad and you wish to cancel this service, please click here.