What Is a Fantasy Maid?

Fantasy maids add a little excitement to what is usually a dull chore for their clients — cleaning the house. They usually perform cleaning duties while dressed seductively in a fantasy outfit of the client's choice.

What to Wear

Some companies may require their maids to be topless or nude; others have their maids wear costumes.

Common Requirements

To become a fantasy maid, it helps to have some cleaning experience and knowledge of basic cleaning techniques. Prior experience stripping, acting, or dancing might also come in handy. Some companies require that you bring your own cleaning supplies.

Know Your Local Laws

The type of maid services you can provide, as well as the license needed to be a fantasy maid (if any) differ according to the laws in your area. In the U.S., your state department of health can get you up to speed on what kind of license or certification may be required to practice as a fantasy maid. You should also contact local authorities to see if there are any specific county or city regulations.