NO FACE SOLO MODELS payment 400-770usd per 35-45min video, work from near home: we specialize in OUTDOOR content and are focused on erotic plots+real orgasms.Clips are SOLO. No sexual intercourse -> only masturbation+orgasm. You don´t have to show your face. Films are 35-45 minutes, filmed with selfie stick+iphone. You are 18-32 years old, have BMI 18-25? little to no tattoos? give us a shout ! we offer contracts for up to 30 videos (stable income)

Business Name FTHProductions
Headquarters Germany
Contact Person Fth
Job Category Clip Performers
Hiring Region
Will consider job candidates from outside of local area.
Relocation $$
Relocation expenses are negotiable.
Travel $$
Travel expenses are negotiable.
Job Location
Qualified applicants will work from home.
Gender Needs
  • Accepting applications from females.
  • Not accepting applications from males.
  • Not accepting applications from trans.
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