At, we take email seriously and we are committed to getting your messages to the inbox. We use a state-the-art messaging service, which allows us to attain the highest delivery rates possible. Our system has been rigorously tested against all the popular services, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL, and we have consistently achieved excellent delivery rates. Rest assured, we validate all jobseekers’ email addresses at the time they submit their resumes. All email addresses are continuously checked and accounts for which emails become invalid are quarantined until they are updated or deleted. Moreover, our system is redundant. Even if an email address has gone bad, the jobseeker can still view any messages you send by checking his/her inbox on our site. For best results, we ask that you follow the tips below:

Keep Your Messages Brief But Informative

When first contacting a jobseeker, it is always best to be concise and to the point. Nobody wants to wade through a huge block of text to decide whether to respond to a job offer. Besides, it is unlikely that you will close the deal based on your first email, so we recommend that you save all the finer details for your follow-up exchanges and stick to the most important facts in your initial inquiry. Don't be repetitive or provide a lot of extraneous information, and definitely don't include typos or misspelled words, as that can be a major turn-off.

Be Professional and Courteous

It's no secret that people like to be treated with respect and consideration. Keep in mind that many employers are competing for the attention of the jobseekers listed on this site. To separate yourself from the others, a kind and thoughtful message that acknowledges this basic reality can go a long way. It will also demonstrate that you run a serious business.

Make a Clear and Specific Job Offer

The biggest mistake an employer can make is to send a vague message that doesn't contain a clear job offer. This is exactly the kind of email a jobseeker is likely to ignore or delete. After all, it does not address why they are on the site in the first place. They want work! So please make sure that your initial email message describes the type of work you are offering.

Don't Send The Same Message To Every Jobseeker

Take the time to compose a message that reflects a jobseekers's unique objectives and qualifications. Sending an individualized message will increase the likelihood of a reply and reduce the chance of its being flagged as junk or spam.

Provide Complete and Accurate Contact Information

Make it as easy as possible for jobseekers to reply to your inquiry. We highly recommend that you place a profile or ad before sending messages, as it will be automatically linked to your message.

Don't Use Rude, Hateful, Discriminatory or Obscene Language

Hopefully, we don't need to explain to you why this is a very bad idea. Number one, it certainly won't help in achieving your hiring goals. Number two, we'll be forced to terminate your account, as it is a violation of our Terms and Conditions.

Keep Track of Who You've Already Emailed

You definitely don't want to hound a jobseeker. We suggest you allow a waiting period of at least 2-4 weeks before emailing a jobseeker a second time. Fortunately, our system makes it easy to track jobseekers to whom you've already sent messages. Whenever you visit the resume of a jobseeker you've already emailed, you will be shown the last date you sent a message to this person. You can also check your Sent Mail to see a complete record of all the messages you've sent to jobseekers.

Block Jobeekers Who Send Spam or Annoy You

If you receive a message in your SexyJobs inbox that you feel is offensive or spam, you can block the jobseeker from sending further messages by clicking the spam icon. If you receive an email notification that a jobseeker has sent a message and you know you don't want further messages from them, you may click the link at the bottom of the message that says, "Block this jobseeker from sending further messages." Please don't mark an email notification from SexyJobs as spam. If you do, you will not receive any further email from us, as we abide by email delivery best practices in order to maintain our reputation as a responsible sender.

Add to Your Whitelist

If you notice that a message coming from our site has landed in your junk folder, be sure to mark it as "not spam", so that the problem won't keep happening. We also highly recommend you add to your whitelist, if your email application has this option. That way you will be sure to receive all your email notifications from us.

Upgrade to an Employer Ad

Many jobseekers on our site respond to employer ads, but they don't choose to display their resumes. In addition, many jobseekers prefer to work with employers who have listings on our site, as it adds credibility to their business. For these reasons, if you are serious about recruitment, the best value is to purchase or upgrade to an Employer Ad package. Once you place an Employer Ad, you will have access to an Inbox containing all the responses you receive from jobseekers. Plus, whenever you send a message to a jobseeker, it will automatically include a link to your ad, as well as to all the contact information in your ad.