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KATRINA ZOVA AKA (KOX)       70 Favorite Tags
26-year-old female in Riverside , CA, USA   [will travel/relocate]
Skills: Acting, Modeling I am open to pretty much anything as long as it is professional. I do not escort. I have personal management, however do contact me for any paid work. >>>
Last Updated: 9/6/2014
HONEY WHISKEY       70 Favorite Tags
22-year-old female in Phoenix, AZ, USA   [will travel/relocate]
I am an experienced glamour model who is reliable, professional, and fun. Now I have made the decision to push it a little further. Eroticism is a very natural state, and not only am I comfortable with my own body, but I enjoy using my sexuality.... >>>
Last Updated: 7/17/2014
JAYMA LYNN       70 Favorite Tags
18-year-old female in Campbellsville, KY, USA   [will travel/relocate]
I still knew to this.. I have done internet webcam and escorting had fun with both but i im wanting to try something a little bit more sexy and fun. >>>
Last Updated: 5/7/2014
VANESSA       70 Favorite Tags
18-year-old female in Willimantic, CT, USA   [will travel/relocate]
I turned 18 in feb. Im new to all of this. I have only worked with one studio and it was for I want to make it big in this industry and I love sex so much. >>>
Last Updated: 8/22/2013
ANA HARLEY       70 Favorite Tags
20-year-old female in Los Angeles, CA, USA   [will travel/relocate]
I have some experience as an escort and dancer. I like to have sex and I'm not shy, I've got an open mind to new experiences. I believe be ready for xxx movies >>>
Last Updated: 2/22/2013
KARA MOON       70 Favorite Tags
19-year-old female in Los Angeles, CA, USA   [will travel/relocate]
was up sexyjobs im kara and asian/white 19yo here to explore the adult industry no escort or webcam offers please just looking for film web and photo work :) cant wait to work with you ! >>>
Last Updated: 12/28/2012
HEIDI LANE       70 Favorite Tags
29-year-old female in Las Vegas, NV, USA   [will travel/relocate]
Hello this is Heidi Lane and I love the sex industry! I started out just entertaining on stages all along the west coast, but really wanted a more 1 on 1 experience with men and woman so i began independently posting ads on the net! From there I... >>>
Last Updated: 8/18/2011
CALLIE       69 Favorite Tags
20-year-old female in New York, NY, USA   [will travel/relocate]
Broke college girl here, looking to have some fun and make a bit of extra cash while I finish my degree! I've got a bit of experience in modeling, hardcore, and softcore work. I'm easy to work with, clean, and love the work that I do! If you have... >>>
Last Updated: 7/31/2014
KYLA SANDERS       69 Favorite Tags
30-year-old female in Chesterfield, MI, USA  
I'm pretty much open to whatever. Web cam, modeling, dancer, acting. I have some experience in web cam modeling, and also some experience in modeling and in acting. I love to be in front of the camera and I'm a very sexual girl. And I know what I am... >>>
Last Updated: 7/29/2014
EVILYN FIERCE       69 Favorite Tags
21-year-old female in los angeles, CA, USA   [will travel/relocate]
Hi I'm Evilyn Fierce, I have been in the Adult Industry for over 2 years and LOVING it! I am fun, energetic, and very skilled. I am easy to work with, respectful, reliable and mature. I do Solo, BJ, HJ, GG, BG, BGG, BDSM. Serious Inquiries Only... >>>
Last Updated: 6/8/2014
VANNY BUTT       69 Favorite Tags
22-year-old female in Los Angeles, CA, USA   [will travel/relocate]
I have no experience in front of cameras ... But I'm very good in bed ... I have my mind open to new challenges >>>
Last Updated: 9/29/2012
GIA       69 Favorite Tags
24-year-old female in California, CA, USA   [will travel/relocate]
If you're looking for a fresh, fun and reliable model then you've found your girl! Always have a current test, and am available for solo, g/g, b/g, oral, anal, facial, swallowing, bondage, fetish...oh, and I'm a squirter too :) Located in... >>>
Last Updated: 7/28/2012
LEXILEE       68 Favorite Tags
29-year-old female in Jacksonville, FL, USA   [will travel/relocate]
Hi - my name is Lexi. I have been in the modeling world for a little while and having a blast. I am open for a variety of shoots so email me with your ideas. Best Wishes and Luck in your search, Lexi >>>
Last Updated: 6/17/2014
ROWAN BLACK       68 Favorite Tags
20-year-old female in lancaster, PA, USA   [will travel/relocate]
Hi, I'm Halie, I'm very inexperienced but I am willing to learn because I've always been interested in the adult industry, I am very sexual, I am 21 but look 18, so I'd be really good at teen oriented themes because I love just being innocent and... >>>
Last Updated: 5/29/2014
TATIANNA        68 Favorite Tags
29-year-old female in New York City, NY, USA   [will travel/relocate]
I have been off the scene due to a tendon injury early last year but will be back better than ever starting 2013! Please email me if interested in working together. I am very professional and open to all types of work. I am also looking for talented... >>>
Last Updated: 3/26/2013
Showing 106 - 120 of 24,991 jobseekers

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